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irony 7 years ago
You know what's funny? He's probably gay.
Amazing! (review) 8 years ago
I fucking used this to please myself and for the first time out of the daily masturbating I released..... No fucking joke... It was just an amazing feeling
3 years ago
I want to squirt but I’m a virgin
Omnomnom 6 years ago
Thank you sensei
3 years ago
how do I sign up to be a volunteer?
Captain Horny 6 years ago
my ex gf didn't Always squirt when i did that, but when she didn't she Always had an biiig orgasm! I mean it, you just got to know how ;)
IGNORANT MAN 1 year ago
I came here SPECIFICALLY FOR educational purposes!
ggg 7 years ago
The Squirtinator?
damn 2 years ago
id let him finger me and bust a. nut in me. men dedicated to the pussy deserve to nut in the pussy
Dale 3 years ago
So he wants piss on his fingers